A couple places to check out…

February 13, 2010 at 4:11 pm (1)

The first place I recommend you check out is Really Reasonable Ribbon. They are celebrating their new blog and offering great candy (any idea what it might be?).

Next, I have to admit I have become a copic marker fanatic. I am well on my way of owning at least all of the Ciaos. The site I want to tell the world about is great and just about the best deal I have found. For $20 you can get 6 Ciaos shipped – your choice of colors (limited to what is available but always a lot). And if that isn’t a great offer it gets even better – purchase 6 of the 6 packs in a 6 month period and you can get a plastic case for your new markers for free also (just follow the instructions)! And for those who like more for their buck – for just over $38 you can pick up a 12 pack (your choice of available colors) that comes with a plastic case – this also includes shipping! CopicMarkers.com is also a super fast shipper – I can order on Friday and have my package arrive by the next Thursday sitting in the mailbox.


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